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Lion President Douglas X

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About President Douglas X



Douglas  X. Alexander, from  Brooklyn, New  York, USA,  was  elected  to  serve as  international president  of  Lions  Clubs  International  at  the  association’s  103rd  International  Convention, June 25 through June  29,  2021.

President  Alexander  is  a  retired vice  president  for  J.P. Morgan Chase  Bank.

A member  of  the  Brooklyn Bedford Stuyvesant  Lions  Club since  1984, he  has  held many offices within the  association, including club president, zone  chair,  region chair, vice  district  governor, district  governor, cabinet  secretary, cabinet  treasurer  and DGE  group leader. He  also served as  a Lions  Eye  Bank transporter, a  member  of  the  District  and Multiple  District  PDG  Association, a trustee of  the New  York  State and  Bermuda Lions  Foundation, and was  appointed as  the  Lions representative to  UNICEF-New  York  from  2012-2014. He  has  served on the  USA/Canada  Lions Leadership Forum  Planning and Host  Committees  and has  been  a  presenter  at  several USA/Canada Forums. In  recognition of  his  service  to the  association, he  has  received numerous  awards  including the club Lion of  the  Year, Club President’s  Award, the  Robert  J. Uplinger  Service  Award, several District  Governor  Appreciation Awards,  and the  Multiple  District  Membership Growth Award. He  is  also the  recipient  of  numerous  International  President’s  Certificates  of  Appreciation, seven International  President’s  Awards  and the  Ambassador  of  Good Will  Award,  the  highest  honor the  association bestows  upon its  members. He  is  a  Dr. Franklin  G. Mason  Fellow, a  W. P. Woods Fellow  and  a  progressive  Melvin Jones  Fellow.

In  addition to his  Lions  activities, President  Alexander  is  active  in numerous  professional  and community organizations. He  has  served as  chairperson of  the  advisory board for  the New  York Urban  League  and  as  a board  member  of  the St.  Francis  DeSales  School  for  the Deaf.  He is  also a  recipient  of  the  Congressional  Record Award.

President  Alexander  has  two daughters, and his  partner  in service, Shabiki  Cazabon, is  a  Lion and  a Progressive  Melvin Jones  Fellow.