Many  middle  and lower  state  people  in the  community are feeling  pinch  in buying  standard presidential   drugs   ,as   they    are   very    expensive    on   noticing  the    problem,   Govt    of Andhrapradesh  decided   to    promote  generic   Medicines which   are  as  effective  as stated drugs  ,As  they   are  cheaper,  poor  people   can  easily  afford   to buy  the    mediations.  Govt agencies Organizations   and Associations   are requested       to  create  awareness  on genuine  medicines and  to  state   Generic   medical   establishments.   Lions  club  Visakhapatnam     being  a service organization,   is  gives  a  chance   to   state   Jeevanadhara  Pharmacy   by  the   Drug   control administrations.

This lions Jeevandhara pharmacy was started  in June 2012 with  exclusive  generic  mediations in the  initial   years  people  are apprehensive    about  effectiveness  of the  generic  medicines ,but  total  they  found  the generic  mediations   are as effect  in as prescribed  slandered  drugs
Lions  Jeevanadhara   pharmacy is  being  run on non profit   basis and the  rates of medicines as kept  as low  as possible  affordable  to serve more  people  in  the society.
Now a days about 100 people use this facility every day with great  satisfaction.


Lions community Hall, Waltair
Main road, Ramnagar, Visakhapatnam-3